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Audio Book Review: Blood and Mistletoe

Blood and Mistletoe (Ivy Granger) - E.J. Stevens

Ivy's been busy with clients in her detective agency, since the events of the first book. Forneus, the demon, shows up unexpected (and unwanted by Jinx) at the office. He shares that there is news of five dead fey in Harborsmouth from both Seelie and Unseelie Courts. The deeper Ivy digs into the case the more she learns of the Christmas connection of the murders, with a piece of mistletoe left at each scene and the type of fey murdered. The Winter Solstice is approaching, and a night where magics are strong. Ivy discovers one of the few she cares deeply for is missing. Now Ivy has to find the killer before the night when all they've worked for is completed.

I listened to the audiobook and really enjoyed the two narrators. The female voice, Melanie, is not over the top with sweetness for the characters. She voices feelings as she reads with the right amount of emotions. The male voices, David, does all the male characters as needed and narrations like the Introduction. Also, when David has to do the sexy sound of Ceff, he does it well. I liked the addition of two voices to the story, it keeps my attention.

We get a strong feel of the magic, creatures and fey in the world in this novella. I will say, with all the magic in this world the author, E.J., has done a good at covering her steps by laying the groundwork to back what's to happen. The explanations are all there in what's happening - like detecting demons and connections.

We see creatures and individuals we've meet in the first book, and a mystery with Ivy is remembered as well. (I'm hoping to learn this small piece in the future.) I really enjoy Jinx as Ivy's friend and partner in business. She tells Ivy when she's acting like a kid. She lays things out there as it is. There are even new beings we come across and make deals with. Ivy still comes across on the sweet and too kind side but she's pushing her limits and trying to do to help others. When Ivy puts her life in risk, thinks take a turn for the darker side of the fey and this is what I look forward to reading.

I would suggest reading/listening to this before book two. I have a feeling a few things mentioned and what this book lead up to will show up in the future. One thing is Ivy agreeing to take on fighting training by Jenna the Hunter. The other maybe with Ceff.

I really enjoyed the creation of the world and E.J.'s writing of the craft of magic here. She's created a vast world of fey.