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Book Review: A Curse Unbroken

A Curse Unbroken: A Weird Girls Novel - Cecy Robson

Celia is doing better, but still healing and on the day that should be one of her happiest and all about the love, shifters attack. There is something odd about one shifter. Something is off when Celia touches it.  Alric doesn't want Celia to fight, he wants her safe. So when a new mission comes to light, and Shah, a powerful stone that grants wishes, is to be tracked down and kept hidden or used for good Alric wants Celia no where near it. Celia has other plans and feels ready to go back to work and Misha has no qualms with that.

Shah is an interesting entity here. He is powerful and used. He reminds me a bit like a genie, but not a living being in a bottle or lamp, but a rock with a personality. His power and time are coming to an end, and that last wish he could grant will be a doozy of one. So both evil and good are fighting hard to get to him. He could sway the outcome of the war between good and evil. However, the connection he makes with one of our characters is unique and I loved it.

All are struggling. After what they lived through with Anara... yeah, they are all going to have troubles. Each of the sisters are affected differently and are different now. Whether physically or emotionally (or even both), they are scared and working through it. The wolves believe no harm should come to their mates, no matter what. With what happened with Anara... they feel they have failed. They are all devastated.

We get to see more of other beings in the world. We learned more with the interaction we had with shifters and witches.

I don't know how Cecy does it, but her talented writing grips me and holds me there. I'm gripped to the pages and intent on having to what happens next, what troubles lurk, and how will they come out of this one. Outstanding work. I love how Cecy remembers what's happened to the sisters, tying all the past to now without rehashing it all but reminding me. And it's all very important.

Each trouble that comes to Celia, her sisters, and the wolves grows deeper in depth with each instance. To the point I can't stop read. I have to see them through the whole book right at this moment.

I felt this book finished one major story arc, but there feels as there's more to come. We have a few threads with a few of the sisters and what's to come of... Well. I can't say that as it'll give away the end of the story!

In the end of this one I'm happy. And I'm hoping to see more of the Weird Girls.