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Book Review: Interlude

Interlude: Stories from Tranquility - Krista D. Ball

It's been a while since I've had the pleasure to read Bethany. This is a fun to see Bethany, Arrago, Jovan, and Kiner back at their ways. The banter between them all is a hoot. The first two stories happen during Tranquility's Blaze. The last story brings us back to where everyone is before Fury is released. And now I can't wait for it to come!

Love Notes
Bethany is an extremely busy knight. So most of their inter-office communication (and banter) is through notes.

Bethany and Arrago are so different that they complement each other and make me smile while bantering. Arrago really is good with Bethany and her rough exterior.

Oh this is fun to read and see how their work relationship and friendship grows through these letters. I just love seeing these two together and as their banter turns to flirting, and they realize it. So much fun!

Knight's Day Off
Bethany, Jovan, and Kiner have three days off! At the same time.

The Tranquility Trio. Allric was to represent the Knights at the arrival of Relas as the three are off. The Relas arrives early and Allric isn't anywhere to be found. And a Knight is needed. Mother Aneese knows of the new order - a ledger to tell of who's off.

Bethany only wants to take a bath and rest before leaving for two days. Three men invade her room while she's trying to do just that. LOL! Oh the results. And what Jovan and Kiner kidnap Arrago... Oh my! LOL!

Then theirs the history that Relas has with the trio. Hahaha. This crew are a rowdy bunch, and such friends. It appears Arrago is part of the crew now too.

First Day on the Job
Myra has just walked off the boat at the castle. She wants to be a part of Lord Kiner's team and help with the war. Kiner assigns her to Queen Celeste's personal administration, to relay messages from queen to senior members.

Myra's first job will interact with all the main players in Tranquility. Oh boy, the interaction! This story brings them all into focus and where they are now. Bethany and Arrago get to banter by way of messenger.

Myra sees obstacles of her age (she's so young) and parentage, but she's determined to life beyond those and be the best she can. Myra is half Rygent and can read peoples feelings along with their body language, and things are mixed up along with her own fears and feelings mixed in.

This is a great read while waiting for book three! The jokes are fun yet truths and secrets are discovered.