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Book Review: Kiss of Life

Kiss of Life: A Blood Kissed Novel - Seleste deLaney

Jocelyn has been training for 7 months, and raising an army of separate groups of supernaturals. She's also been avoiding Chad and Max, and they have been behaving and working hard as her generals. A supernatural war is on the horizon along with so much more in the works. The newest member of their cause, the Nain Rouge. But is it good or bad to have him on their side? Remy, a rock star elder vampire, has his own plans which stirs things up faster. The sorcerer Jocelyn, Chad, and Max tangled with before wants his revenge. Someone is attacking those close to Jocelyn to draw her out in the open.

The first third or so of the book is from different point of views. I didn't feel invested in anyone fully until about 35% into the book. Another thing I felt was the author seemed to be pushing to tell us there were characters up to no good and direction others like puppets. A few comments would have been good, then let it shack out for the reader, which it did do after the beginning.

Then something clicked for me and it took off. All ironed out and flowed smoother for me. The characters started to come together, in good and bad ways, and I started to want to read the characters more and what was to come from the attacks and the pending war. I wanted to see each side as to if they would live, find love, and what would happen next to drive them over the edge.

The different point of views we get are from Remy, Jocelyn, Chad, Max, Dominick (a Vampire Elder), Pierre Maisson (an assassin among the supernatural), Logan (a werewolf on Jocelyn's team), and Vianco Nago (A Hunter of vampires). All these characters show all the works and strings that each player in the story is pulling to drive the world and characters. So many events in the works.

Don't let this discourage you. This is a great way to see it all as it's happening. And you'll want to know. The small quirks that I felt early on in the story will NOT stop me from continuing with this series. I love the world and the romance here in Jocelyn's story.

Each character has their own personal baggage along with the supernatural baggage of the world where different beings don't easily blend and work together. Things are moving forward and Jocelyn is trying to pull as many elements into her army as possible to fight the powerful Elders of the Vampires. This draws a bigger world of supernatural and beliefs by bringing these beings together and seeing how they react.

There is romance here, a blooming one along with the heat of those familiar. Jocelyn is still battling herself in need to make a choice. Events bring her closer to her men, then also pull her away. It's hard in a time of war and conniving others work against her for their own benefits.

At the end... oh my! Where the characters end... Gah! I am curious and want to see what is next with all of them. ALL of them. lol.