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Book Review: Selk Skin Deep

Selk Skin Deep - Kelly A. Harmon

Cade is a SEAL, in more ways than one, looking for adventure and more to life as it's become boring with the numerous years he lives. The threat of war among humans is looming around them all, and it's drawn his attention. Cade over hears an argument over the artillery being put on the ship. The bombs are of a state and age to cause great alarm. From what Cade can see, he understands that.

Cade is on deck, while his friend took his shift at port steering, when everything goes wrong. He needs to decide if he simply takes on his true form with his skin around his neck and leave this burning mess behind, or honor his commitment to the Navy along with trying to save his friend. How far would you go for a fellow soldier and friend?

The burning, fuel, and bombs are a terrible combination on the ship. Dangerous! And we see that full tilt.

This is a quick read, one you could finish in no time flat. I enjoyed the small ocean references and comparisons the author made. And the courage in the characters here. They are strong and amazing people. The military all are.