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Book Review: All In

All In: A Sin City Collectors Novella - Amanda  Carlson

Luke and Ginger have been on the road over three weeks now, searching and chasing her brother. Ginger feels they have Damien with his back against the wall in this cave, and he's got one end game. Luke is now on the Sin City payroll, his application accepted when he left with Ginger. Ginger is physically slowing, hiding it from Luke because she hasn't "feed" in over six months. She has to be careful not to touch the attractive Luke. She's falling for him and he for her. However Lukes past with incubi is not a pleasant memory. At all. They both will face pasts they don't want too, and accept it as a past and those people are not the view of a whole race's or the world's. But they will have to accept it before it kills them.

Ginger is organized and resourceful. She has to be to have created such a detailed underground network in buying/selling information. However, Ginger has a flaw. Ginger doesn't like what she is or how she has to survive. She knows her brother doesn't either... or does she? She's a succubus. Ginger is a nice addition to the variety of a world we have here.

Luke... hmm. What to say about Luke? I liked him the best here. He's calm and collected. He is also determined and knows what he likes and wants. He's the calm and patient man that Ginger needs. Luke does seem like the perfect man in all aspects here. (When we get from Gingers POV, and even thoughts of his own when we see his POV.) He's strong and organized too.

The story is these two working through what they have grown up thinking to come to a point where they can accept themselves and maybe each other. Before it's to late. Oh Damien. Grrr. We get to see him face to face as well, if only for a minute. What a... well, after the ending of Ante Up, we catch up with him.

Oh! We meet a new character here. And we have to be seeing him in the future. I am curious and would like to see him.

I've mentioned the end of Ante Up. Do you have to read it before this story? No, you don't. There is a connection but the story does not rely on it and doesn't even tell of the same couple. Each story is a different couple, so you can read at any order you'd like. But if you want to read in time order, then yes.

This story was a lovely one to relax with. And to read Ginger describe how succubi see nature, wow. This story is lovely for me. Ginger, for whatever reason, didn't seem to catch me like the others. The characters both seem rather calm, and I seem to be entranced with hot headed characters. lol. But these two work well together. A perfect match in Luke and Ginger.