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Book Review: A Curse Awakened

A Curse Awakened - Cecy Robson

Danny's desperate call for Celia's help gets Celia and the girls into action, days before leaving for their new home. Vampires are after him and his dad. A female vampire master has fixated on Danny's dad, feeding on him and now taken him. The sisters and Danny come across another vampire with the same target, looking to advance himself as a Master.

The sisters are determined and looking forward to the new move. They are growing and trying to control the touch of powers they have. The sisters don't want to get involved, but Celia wants to help the one person that has been good to them all. They try to avoid the paranormal world, but that isn't always possible. We see Celia struggle with her growing strength and control of her tigeress, especially with no prey to hunt. The stress of the moving have brought on the nightmares of her last hunt, and kill.

We see a bit of Celia's past with Danny, talk of their past relationship. Through Danny the girls learn a touch of curses and magic. He's been reading up on magic to help his friends, the sisters. And now, he believes the sisters are bound, holding their powers back along with their control of what touch they have.

This story touches on the girls previous experience with vampires and magic curses. The vampire experience is of both views, kind and horrid. Then the magic curse that was done to their parents, and them in turn. There is a nasty curse that is held over them. There is even a glimpse of what can happen to those that mess with the bad people of magic and powers.

Not the romance setting. But kicking on the action setting. The girls are a bit new on the fighting side of things, and it shows in the battles they get in. But I love that they are not perfect and are learning, even learning of their powers.

Cecy delivers with these sisters once again. They struggle, but fight strong and stick together. They are new to the fighting, but they fight hard. We learn more of the family curse set upon them, bringing a glimpse of the past with it.