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Book Review: Ante Up

Ante Up: A Sin City Collectors Novella - Amanda  Carlson

Diesel Jones has his chance to be one of the SCC (Sin City Collectors). But first he must complete this trial run job. The catch, to bring in an incubus (which he hates as a whole species) and on the night of the month he struggles to not lose control to his wolf - the night of the full moon. The mission leads Diesel to the doorstep of the sexy new witch in town, that he's starting to fall for, Sofia. The mission brings Diesel closer to Sofia as it seems she's his help in succeeding on his assignment, and more.

I had loved meeting Diesel, briefly, in Aces Wild as the bartender at Jake's bar and was thrilled to hear he was getting his story here. Diesel and a wolf shifter and he's found he's attracted to a new witch in town, Sofia. What Diesel isn't ready to see is that Sofia is just as attracted to him. But it does come to light when an incubus in involved.

Diesel has...issues with the full moons. And this assignment is taking place over the three day cycle of the full moon. It's a test to see if he can control himself. If he can and can complete the mission, he'll get his official papers as a SCC. We learn a great deal of Diesel's past, and the reason he's the way he is at the full moons. Interesting the details we get. Then we have Sofia. Sofia is still a touch of a mystery to us, yet we learn some secrets of hers as well.

Since the story is set in the same world as the other novellas we get to see previous characters again, and they help Diesel with his mission, of SCC manner and of personal vendetta.

Amanda once again blends all the elements into one story like the masterful writer she is. She has a big Urban Fantasy world that doesn't feel as it's overwhelming with action and love happening at the same time. A full story for the main characters. One thing here, I do get a feel for who the next story is going to be for. It's not the usual Amanda Carlson ending, but you have a feel for who is next.