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Book Review: Shadow's Master

Shadow's Master - Jon Sprunk

Caim is in the north, and moving further, drawn by a pull and nagging in his chest. Also, he's hoping to find answers to his past. The shadows are growing hungrier and stronger. Caim's control over them is becoming difficult, in calling and pushing them away. Josey has learned news she feels she must share with Caim, and heads on the road north to tell him but along the way she is diverted by her duties as Empress and ruler of the land. She must bring a feuding land together while defend against a new, magically strong enemy.

Jon doesn't hold back here in this third book. He starts with a fight scene 13 pages in and a death less than that. Awesome. We find ourselves on a journey with three different POV's; Caim, Josey, and Balaam. Caim and Josey are both familiar to use and we have followed them for a time now. Balaam is new and follows suit with a shadow character's POV we get. Last book was Sybelle, this time with Balaam. All three go looking for one thing, and seem to find what they need instead.

The book doesn't waste time rehashing what was told in previous books. Jon uses his word count wisely here and starts where Shadow's Lure ends. This series is one to read in order. This story started strong, then Caim's journey slowed a bit for me as he ventures the northern territory to find the city he's looking for. There is danger along the way with fights and action, but I was anxious to get to Erebus and learn all about the Shadow people and Caim's past. I didn't want to wait. And when we got to Erebus I got the answers I was looking for, and more.

Josey has been a pleasant surprise in these books, this book. She has grown into a wonderful Empress and worthy of her peoples love. She is strong and willing to stand on her own. I really enjoyed reading her sections in this story.

This is the last book of the trilogy. In the end, Caim gets his answers and more. Each of the characters finds an internal peace, of sorts. The ending is satisfactory for the way of each of the characters and the person they've grown into. However, I have a feel Jon left a few seeds here to return to the world, should he wish, in the future. With the seeds left, I kind of hope so.

I'm sorry to see this series end, but all great things do. I hope Jon ventures into the future with the seeds he's set here, but I will be following his future stories to come. Thank you Jon for this wonderful adventure.