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Book Review: Wasteland

Wasteland - Mur Lafferty

Daniel is exiled with Kate to the wastelands after what happened to both Heaven and Hell at his mistakes. The battle is still being fought, but Daniel and Kate are removed from it. Daniel has lost Kate and the baby Earth. Or has he? What happens to the dead when they die in the Afterlife? If they are together they are stronger and can do what needs to be done....Earth. Things are changing in the Wastelands. Another Earth is created, unintentionally, but it could help in the end goal.

The story does include a quick thought and mention to where the worlds are at this point in the books. I like this refresher worked in. We go on with the story of our duo, but we make full circle in the end, there is still a war being waged between Heaven and Demons. And it seems we'll get back to it in the next story.

It is neat seeing the world they subconsciously created. The animals! Okay, dinosaurs! And the creation of the cities here. The neat influence of gears and steam. The religion that is picked up...oh boy. How Daniel and Kate respond to that Religion. Mur has ties weaved into the world that gives our duo help, and that the troubles are still out there to be tended too.

It seems this story to be where Daniel is revered more on this world. And Kate does the not so nice thing, in this Earth. Nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a bit. Daniel, being a god, deserves to feel some follower love for a bit. Help boost his confidence that I felt had faltered in the last book. He's not absorbed by the worship though. He's not fond of it. He does not let it go to his head and doesn't make Kate feel beneath him. He understands more than any and even jokes about the huge mess he's made.

This story has brought me full circle to worry of the war that's being battled. We might be on to find a few more allies, but we need to get back and help save the Earth along with Heaven and Hell. On to the last story to see how things balance out...