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Book Review: Marked Men

Marked Men - John Mierau

Daniel is thrown from the train he was hiding in. He tries to lie his way out of being caught, as a stowaway on a train, by the rough owners. While the Chinese miners are being forced to down into the mines, working, Daniel is being 'recruited' into hard pressed work with them. But, with the mark on his hand, Daniel learns a dark secret of what the owner plans to do to the miners. Daniel tries to save them all, but also is stuck when the Collector comes for his call on the night without a moon.

Again, 3 short episodes to listen too. No longer than 15 minutes each.

I liked this story of the mark. Neat and original to the western feel it is set in. Daniel can see the dark secrets people hide within, the ones that are deadly to others. Then the Collector attached to it. Oh, now that was catching.

We quickly got to see the curse of the mark on Daniel. Will he act on what he learns? And the Collector coming for him. Shame what he has to do each month to sate the Collector, but oh so deserving to the others.

Daniel may be a cheat in order to earn his mark, but he's not all bad. What he has to do each month is terrible, but he picks wisely. It's hard to do what he has to, but to survive...

The story is a bit dark, but that's the attraction. The story is complete with the scene, but I'm curious what happens next. I'd like to think all works out. ;)