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Book Review: Morevi

Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana (Book 1) - Lisa Lee, Tee Morris

Askana, The Queen of Morevi, needs learn who is behind the rumors of conspiracy of another land wanting Morevi as their own, and stop them. There could be spies anywhere, so she wants to hire the man cunning enough to stole from her ships, and others, and lived all these years - Rafe the Sea Wolf. To keep an eye on Rafe and that he doesn't take off with her shipment and will stay true to his word, she will travel with him. However, after an assassination attempt on her life, Askana finds she is on the run to stay alive and learn who's behind it all. Askana needs to create bonds with allies to help the land locked kingdom along with staying alive. Askana finds she only has one person to trust, and he was the one that has stolen from her kingdom any of times for years and also, by her decree, is to not life to leave her land.

Pirates, Soldiers, Monarchy, and Fantasy.

The Prologue tells you how Rafe came to power on the ship and came to the fantasy land of Morevi. It was interesting to see the Rift between our world and another realm. The beginning with all the woman as soldiers reminds me of Wonder Woman, the land of Amazonian woman.

The Fantasy world is rather detailed. There are many small subtleties to create the depth of culture and life in Morevi. The fighting styles, swords, tattoos, and the goddesses. A full history is created and weaved before us as we go through the story.

I did enjoy Rafe's laid back, fun personality. He likes to enjoy himself. Even though he's a Captain, he is highly respected and calm. Rafe is skilled in fighting and quick of tongue. Askana is the female queen and demanding as well. She is strong and bold. They are opposites, but blend well and create a wonderful banter we get to enjoy. Rafe is strong and crafty, a character to balance out Askana and her determination. Askana can more than capably carry her own in a fight. I love that she's a strong woman. They seem quite the pair, for trouble.

Working for Askana brings Rafe lots of abuse and new scars to bare. Always drawn into more troubles than he expects, at first. But Rafe is the counter for Askana and carries on stronger at each turn. Oh things get hairy for Askana as well. She's a queen and people like to use that power to their advantage or desire the power for their own. At times I felt bad for Rafe with the troubles he found himself in and the abuse he took. He seemed so kind to let it happen, taking the physical and verbal slaps. But, in Askana's defense, she was raised in a different land and time. She has to be strong and powerful. She has a land to keep safe.

We get a view of the fantasy realm first. We get to enjoy the exotics they have to share. Then when we come to England, things get corrupted. There are people on both sides of the rift that will play the political game to better their standings.

The story produces exactly what I expected and wanted from it. There were a few times that sounded a bit over convoluted with information and happenings, but I enjoyed the adventure through a fantasy realm and touching in England as well. When the characters finally realize they need to work together, the fun truly begins. Even with the unexpected fantasy beings present.

Fantasy with fighting, swashbuckling, magic, and more. This is one story for those that know they love the traditional fantasy story with swashbuckling fun. Fighting, quick thinking on how to get out, alive. There is a civilized pirate trade. This is a fantasy with crafty world yet many common happenings among the characters. You can guess some of the plot and character happenings, but the fun is listening and relaxing as we go.