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Canticle - Ken Scholes I have really been taken away by this series so far. There are going to be five books in all. The characters are well developed and you really get a feel for them all, even the ones you think may be the "bad" guy or girl. The world that is created in these first two books is amazing. You have different cultures, religions, believes and gods. All well done to give you just what you need to understand the rules and what is going on, yet enough to keep you with the feel of mystery.

I think Ken Scholes is an awesome author with an epic tale to tell. He lays the paths of possible ways the story could go, we just have to wonder if we are thinking the correct path. Just when you are on the right path you come to a fork in the road again. The story can change directions at any time, but the rules never change and the information is there to keep you on the correct path of thought, thus creating a great mystery adventure.

Being a second book of a series Ken has started us right into the next story. Not even 50 pages into the book and I was caught up with where I left off on the first book and full scale right into the middle of another great mystery of the Whymr maze in this amazing fantasy book.

This book has; mechoservitors ~ Kens' term for metal men, magick ~ which has limits, Gods ~ are a distant past but are there in the background, an ancient vendetta of two old families and ways of lives, and current people trying their hardest to find where there home is.

These books are amazing reads from the point of view of the characters. You learn so much in this way with the way Ken writes it. Very well done to understand what is going on, just pay attention to get the details.