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Darkness Calls - Marjorie M. Liu If you have read the first book you need to read this one.

The beginning of the book gives a lot of review with the new happenings to catch you up with the time from reading book one and the release of book two. There is a lot here to get you back up to speed in that break time frame, however for me it was a little slow since I had just finished the first book with all the happenings fresh in my mind. But, when the book picks up on its own path and goes... It goes!

You do get your share of action with Maxine along with the love her and Grant share. But most of all you start to get the story behind Jack and a few other key characters (you have to read to see who and what it is - it is worth it!). The history with Jack and many of the characters, including Maxines' heritage, is amazing and really opens the world up to so much more possibilities. I love the style Marjorie has used to tell the stories through-out the book. You start to see that through the labyrinth their is a large world and lots of great mystery behind the different creatures you are introduced to. You even get to see the connection between all the creatures that is intreging. Then there is an interesting take on where humans came from in accordance to the ancient beings.

I have loved the world and mystery in the Labyrinth. I would love to learn more of the Labyrinth and the magics it holds. After reading this book with the great character building we are still waiting for the veil to fail, and there are a few other troubles that could come Maxines way for the next few books to come.