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Tempest Rising - Nicole Peeler This is another book which I enjoyed so much I was not able to put it down. I wanted so badly to stay up all night and finish reading it, thats how much I loved the humor and the characters.

We meet Jane, who lives with her slightly ailing father to help take care of him in a small home town of Rockabill. The appearance and disappearance of Janes mother has the towns people a little wary of her. Then there is that dark past, or deed of eight years ago, that has the small town whispering and starring at her all the time. A small town that seems to never forget, let alone forgive. This has caused Jane to take to staying to the shadows and not catching anyones eye to prevent an uncomfortable situation with a few of her biggest fans.

In meeting Jane you learn quickly she is a swimmer. But, not any ordinary swimmer. She is such an exceptionally strong swimmer she swims in the outskirts of one of America's deadliest whirlpools, in winter with freezing cold water, naked. But, during this particular swim she spies a body spinning around in the Old Sow, the name of the large whirlpool.

This book introduces you to many great mythical characters with great potential abilities that could easily complement Jane. You have your share of supernatural creatures here; kelpie, selkie, vampires, nahuals, and many, many others.

We are introduced to an Investigator, Ryu, who is investigating more than the dead body of Jakes and is more than what Jane realizes. Janes relationship with Ryu is a unique one with love. I have loved these two together with the tension and understanding they share, along with making me smile and chuckle at the humor shared.

There is a lot of great humor in the book. I found myself smiling and chuckling at Jane and her little comments or thoughts. One of my favorite humor lines from Jane is, after being chased through the woods for a short while by some animal which she does not know what or why it is chasing her. "I wasn't running now so much as stumbling quickly, panting like a geriatric lion." There are a few references in the same scene that made me chuckle but this one almost got me in trouble for reading while at work. I could rather understand what Jane was feeling and felt it myself. Also, with the whirlpool being named Old Sow the town has adopted many pig reference names. Reading Ryus responce to these names and thinking on them myself as I read I got a little chuckle everytime.

Ryu seems to be a huge influence on Jane with helping to bring her out of her shell, and letting Jane be who Jane is. Jane has a lot thrown at her at once in this new crazy world with different rules, and she handles all the news very well... by running. No she doesn't run away in the book, but when the battles start she does what many of us think of and that is run. However, even in her running she fights for what she believes. Through all the craziness Jane grows greatly as a character, both physically and mentally. Jane is now ready to grow to her full potential, or at least start moving down that path for book 2 in the series.

There is alot of room for the growth on these secondary characters in future books to accent Jane and even additional storylines. There is a lot of growth for Jane to do as well. I have fallen for the books and will be faithfully waiting for the next book, Tracking the Tempest to come out. A great, enjoyable read.