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Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between - J.A. Saare The story starts with Rhiannon doing her job, tending bar in New York at an exotic dance club. Disco, a friend of Cash's who became a kind aquaintance while she was on the job, has been coming in regularly lately (now that Cash hasn't been in). Rhiannon keeps putting him off when he comes in wanting to talk to her, as she's not fond of vampires. Rhiannon knew what Cash and Disco are, as she is a necromancer and can see the dead - so she gets a feeling from vampires (as they are dead) and ghosts. Finally, after Disco's persistance Rhiannon agrees to meet after work. Rhiannon soon learns Disco need her help and doesn't give her the option to say no. Rhiannon figures the only way to return to her simple mundane life is to do the few things he needs and be done with it. Rhiannon is to green to realize what is out there in the world, to harm her or help her, and life will never be the same.

To me there was action, sexual tension, and love all mixed into one here, and I enjoyed it. This book does have vampires in it, but they are not the main part of the book. Yes, the plot surrounds the vampires in search of who is killing them but Rhiannon and her necromancy ability is the main story here. I was pleasantly surprised in a few twists of the plot and story line which I enjoy when a story does this to me.

I enjoyed the character building in the story for Rhiannon, Disco, and the secondary characters. I felt the growth of the relationships between the characters was genuine for them. Rhiannon learns a lot in this book about herself, her powers, and the world. She has a lot to learn yet, which will be great to read in the next book. Rhiannon, what can I say of this character? I loved her! She is just a regular person, who happens to see ghosts. Rhiannon shies away from a ghost when she sees them, not knowing what they want or why. Rhiannon does have her own ugly past she is trying to leave behind, but she doesn't wear it on her sleeve for pity, it has steeled her into a harder person - a fighter. She does have a mouth, as she speaks her mind and many times it's not in the language many think woman should use. But for me that is part of what made her wonderful to read, and even more personable to me and many times I got a chuckle out of her comments. It was mentioned to her by other characters, "Do you kiss her mother with that mouth?" We also got a look into her thoughts as they where in italics.

I enjoyed the start to this series, and looking forward to where the future takes Rhiannon, Disco, and all their friends.