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Shadow's Son - Jon Sprunk Caim is an assassin. Kit is his beautiful guardian, no one else can hear or see. Kit has been with Caim for most of his life. She has helped him and warned him of numerous dangers - before they happen. For Caim fear is the key to the Shadows, and he can hide in the Shadows, unlike any other.

Against Caim's better judgement, he takes a job as a favor to his one friend in Othir, Mathis. The job was started by Ral, another assassin, who quit the job for another. This job goes arry in so many different angles. Caim finds himself protecting his targets daughter, Josey - a gorgeous young lady.

Yes, this is a read of and with assassins. But even though there are assassins in the story, I enjoyed the additions to the story; dark magic, the empire and government, and the characters. It is not just about killing the bad guys, but about the story that is built here and what happens with the creations of the shadows.

The first chapter starts off with a bang; the action and mystery of who Kit is along with what Caim can do with the shadows. After chapter one the action slows just a little as you meet the main players of the story. You get to know them by way of flashbacks that highlight important pasts of their lives. Ones that lead them to who they are. This was a great way to get to know the characters along with some information for the storyline and conflicts. Don't fret as the action does pick back up. As I read I came up with questions, and got answers to the questions which then lead to bigger questions. The story and questions were all mixed with conspiracy, corruption, and mistrusts.

I was amazed at how this book reads as a whole story, or a stand-alone, with so much happening in this novel to complete the story. At a few transition spots got the feel that they where rushed, but these are small parts in a wonderful story. There is an end to the main story here, but there seems to be an underlining which you start to learn of Caim and his family history, the Shadows. I liked the use of Shadows as the ability Caim has. I am very curious to learn more about Caim as he learns more of who he is and what he can do.