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Tracking the Tempest (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler Jane has been training with Nell, Rockabill's Gnome, for the four months between Tempest Rising's end and now. She's learning; shields, creating glamours, and mage balls of light. Jane is the happiest she has been in a long, long time; with monthly rendezvous with Ryu, training, swimming, and taking care of her father, along with working at the Bookstore with her friends. Jane is starting to settle into her super live in the paranormal world. Although, she still thinks on the naga's murders from Tempest Rising - knowing deep down there had to be more behind the murders with Jarl than lead to believe. Ryu sent Jane a romantic invitation to come to his home in Boston for a lavish Valentines Day with him. While on their romantic evening out they are attacked by a man named Conleth, as Ryu believes. The secret Jane's been keeping from Ryu comes out in the open...

I was so glad to be back in Rockabill with Jane True and all the sow named places. I also really enjoyed how Nicole took Jane out of her comfort zone and introduced us to so many new characters and ideas.

We get to meet a whole new set of characters, Ryu's deputies and a few Alfar crew members. I really loved meeting Ryu's crew of deputies. Their abilities where all unique. I loved Julian and how he related with Jane. I enjoyed Daoud and Caleb and Jane's reaction to both of them. Then we also have Conleth, who has a long not so nice history to bring him to the point of dangerous he is. And it is all described to us very well, through the investigation Ryu and Jane undertake.

Jane is a character I really enjoyed in Tempest Rising, but here in Tracking the Tempest she has grown a great deal for me. She's more open and comfortable with herself. Jane is learning how to protect herself in this new world she is learning about and doing rather well at it. Even when Jane is taken out of her element she still shines. As you read you know Jane is 'human' as she is afraid, and still has the tendency to want to flee rather than fight. And in some of her tight spots, I would too.

The humor... Nicole is great at adding the one liners and quick clever, sarcastic, and/or sexy comments for the characters. I think I had a smile on my face through a majority of the book at all the quick jokes and answers or comments Jane and the other characters made. I absolutely loved the scene of Jane slipping on ice as she gets out of the car. I laughed out loud while I read it.

And there is action to. This book doesn't sit still at all. There is always something happening to keep you flipping the pages. The book is a fantastic fast paced fun ride with terrific action and love.