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In Dreams Begin - Skyler White We follow Laura through the pilgrimage of her soul by way of dreams to another body, Maud Gonne, in Victorian Ireland. Laura makes her first pilgrimage, believed to be a dream, on her wedding night when she falls asleep. Unknown to Laura, she is called to Maud's body by way of magic done by Ida Jameson. Ida is one who loves her friend Maud, but wants to be accepted in the magical society who rejected her, she will do anything to get there then falls in love and will do anything to get her love. On Laura's first night in Ireland as Maud, Laura meets the poet Will Yeats and falls madly and passionately in love with him. As Laura fights to be with Will every night in her sleep, she learns that as a day passes in her time months or years pass in Wills. Laura starts to question her love with Amit, her current husband, and her love with Will in Ireland hundred years past - learning about herself and live and love. Will they all find their life's love? Magic, conniving, and lots of love all mixed together.

There were times where I was confused trying to keep up with the passing time in Maud's live and what is happening. Or what the goal was for the characters. But I love how Skyler questions love and feelings in this book. It made me wonder if there are different levels of love we are willing to give, and why. Even relationships as a whole. Skyler tells a story from start to finish with answers but leaves me wondering in the end on the meaning in it.

Skyler has drawn a picture of different loves here, and how we can give into them, or not, in our mind. The one place Skyler creates here which I enjoyed was Hell, where the souls go in between when they are in their trances. And the way the souls journey here.

It took me a little while to get to know the characters. And with having a delay for me to become familiar with them, the sex scenes at the start where difficult for me as they felt forced and to early. But once I got to know the characters the scenes flowed together easily for me, yet I felt I didn't truly connect with these characters. But I did like the feel of wonder and thought on love I was left with.