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Unclean Spirits - M.L.N. Hanover Jayne is a 22 year old college student who finds out her uncle has passed away. Jayne is not all that close to her family, and there was something between her father and uncle-so they didn't talk. Jayne is surprised to learn her uncle, who helped her out a time or two, has left everything to her in his passing. She goes to check out some of his properties and is attacked. To her astonishment she can really kick some butt.

Jayne is clueless as to what her uncle even did for a living. Eventually, she finds his comrades, whom he worked with, and learns there is a demon out there that needs to be stopped. Unaware of what her uncle had planned, besides some notes with rifles and specially made bullets in a storage unit, she needs to decide to take action or leave and let the others tend to it.

I do have to say the scenery descriptions were a little short. All the details are found in the actions and planning of the actions. This book is placed in our world so there is no great new world setup needed here. The character development was a great start to a first book in a series. I love how the characters are real, in they are not perfect in their choices and make mistakes. They are not a Superman who is always doing the right thing at the right time.