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The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf - Sean H. Robertson King George and his brother, Prince Shannon are leasurely horseback riding through the night, happy of the birth of the Kings triplets - two girls, one boy - hoping they will know peace in the world in their time. When unexpectedly the King, Prince, and fifty guard are surrounded by two hundred of their archenemies, the Grey Wolves. The young heir of the Grey Wolves watched as the King of Vampira, being brutily eaten to death, kills his parents. Gaad Grey wants to grow up to have his revenge on the Vampires, or will he? Seventeen years later the children are grown and have their sides and those to protect or fight. This is where our story truly picks up; with the triplets and Gaad Grey. They must protect themselves, fight, or make a last stand.

I was nervous reading the first section of the King George and Prince Shannon. I felt as I didn't make a connection at the start as the book jumps right into the meat of the troubles and the battle fought seemed hard to believe because of the exact numbers given in which the King and Prince killed yet there is fifty guard there too.

But into the next section, I really started to enjoy the story. The Vampires have a different take on the world than most norm. The story as a whole happens in one evening and told from different view points. These different view points give a different side of the characters at hand. A quick way to get attached with these characters and see the world created here.

The story got really going for me and I was fearing the end would not be a conclusion. Unfortunately, the book does end in a cliffhanger. But it was enjoyable for a quick read. I look forward to when Sean comes out with book two to see what happens.

This book is listed as Young Adult as well. I would suggest this for a teenager as there is some violence and sex in the read.