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Chasing the Bard - Philippa Ballantine Sive is to marry the fey man she once had feelings for, but now knows he is not the same man who left to find a cure for the plague haunting the fey and killing them slowly. He has changed, but yet doesn't know what that change is. She just knows she doesn't want to marry him and her brother, the king, is requiring it believing Mordant knows of a cure from his travels around the distant realms. Sive learns from her Aunt a human child is born in the mortal world possessing the great power of the Bard and this child could be the salvation of all fey. Sive sends he cousin, Puck, to guard this child from any dangers. Sive decides later, when the child is older, that she wants to know what her evil husband is up to. She takes books from his library to Will so he can teach her to read. In this time together Sive learns of a new side of herself. Which could put her and Will in more danger, along with their loved ones and worlds.

I purchased this book after reading Geist by Philippa Ballantine. I enjoyed the story and her writing in Geist so, that I wanted more. Searching her site I came across this book and was taken with the description. This book is very different from Geist, but I have to say I loved the writing and the tale she wove. By page nine I was hooked on the writing style. The words flowed smoothly for me and sounded poetic in their form. This is one talented author, and one to keep an eye on, I can see many great and different pieces of work coming from her in the future.

I'm going to start right off and say I loved this book. If William Shakespeare was could read of this fey filled, adventurous, heroic side of his life, he would be flattered and love it too.

This book takes place in both the Fey realm and Human realm, along with the in between of the veil. This book isn't really about William Shakespeare as it is a tale spun with the fey and how they touched his life and he theirs. The story here is one of an evil presence trying to eliminate all the realms connected, for itself. There is love and lose here also.

I loved the way the fey where portrayed and the growth of their kind and the characters. In the beginning they are the fun loving fey who are created to make music and dance. They are naive and ignorant to the mortal ways, feelings, and such. Then I was moved by them through their happenings, more through Sive and Puck. And later in the book by Aberon, Sive's king brother, in how he shows the contrast of the way Sive once was and how much she changed along with himself. Then I realized along the way, they where stronger than thought and I loved them, not wanting to see them fight a war to the death for their home and the destruction of another realm. One that the Queen now loves with all her heart, thanks to her lover.

In the end, I had an idea where the story would go at the close of a life. But it still brought me to tears.

I enjoyed this book very much for many reasons. I would definitely suggest this read to anyone who enjoys the fey and a little Shakespearean twisted in. But, don't go in looking for a Midsummer Night's Dream tale as that's not what lies between these covers.