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Green-Eyed Demon. by Jaye Wells - Jaye Wells SPOILERS for previous 2 books present.

Three days after The Mage in Black where the big battle had taken place and Maisie is now missing, kidnapped, and only just a few short days after Violent Tendencies, we pick up with Sabina having her own kidnapping in mind. We find out there is more than just saving Maisie involved. There's politics mixed in between the different races due to the war coming and Sabina's not good with politics. Will this affect the rescue of Maisie? Will this stop the war from coming or plunge all the races head first into it? Sabina works with Adam and Giguhl to find her sister but does she have to work with them to save her sister, or does she need to go it alone...

First off I'm going to start with saying I L-O-O-O-V-E-D this book. I love the characters, Adam, Sabina, Giguhl, and the new ones we meet too. I loved the action. I loved the humor that made me laugh out loud and read sections two or three times to enjoy them again! And the story has depth and perfect direction. All great things, but when they are mixed together so perfectly... end result, a great book to enjoy and not be able to put down. Jaye Wells has jumped to the top of my favorites list.

So, after that paragraph do you still need me to go on? Okay, I will. :)

The plot had a depth to it to give us a story to read and get into where people could double cross each other with their own plans of their own regarding the issue of War between the races. And you might be surprised who's on what side. The story also has more going on with Cain and Lilith and the possibilities of so much more with them. Things of future works, I hope. ;) We get to visit different places; Los Angels, the Seelie Court, and New Orleans.

The book starts right into the action and doesn't easy up. If there is a moment of no action, we are learning something important to go with the plot, but then dive right back into the action again. Every section takes advantage of the words used. No section is dragged out but perfect lengths to give you the humor, action, and information and on to the next. Jaye also does a great job of updating us with past events in the beginning of the book, so if there is a time between reading the last book you will have no troubles with being refreshed.

The characters... Sabina has grown so much for and through this book, as compared to where she started. She still has a tough streak, which I hope she never losses, but she has started to let others in, and accept it. We have Giguhl, Sabina's minion, and he shows a softer side at times in this book. Then we have the hot and sexy, love potential for Sabina, Adam. And we get a full book with him. He is one great character.

I will definitely be looking for Silver-Tongued Devil January 2012!