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City of Ashes  - Cassandra Clare Mrs. Lightwood and Max, then later Mr. Lightwood, return to the Institute to run things now that Hodges is no longer around. Clary's mother is still in a coma in the hospital with Luke by her side daily. Clary is trying her hardest with her boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, along with other relationships new in her life. Jace is having horrible nightmares and on a path of self destruction. It seems everyone is turning on him and no one trusts Jace now that everyone knows his is his fathers son. But are they right? While Jace is in prison for the night in the Silent City the Soul Sword, one of the three Mortal Instruments, is stolen. Could it be a coincidence or not? Now not only is the cup missing so is the Soul Sword. There has to be only one person behind all this... Valentine. But, what is he up to?

This book is soooo definitely the middle child. Oh, yes, this book has a story line of its own with pecks and a huge climax to that story. But the threading storyline between these books is the one I really want to know about. I came into City of Ashes with a few big questions. Big questions which I was hoping to find answers for. The first 150 pages are good, really good, but I still wonder if these books were worthy of all the hype? At 150 pages in, Eeee. Then when I wasn't looking Cassandra sucker punched me with her twisting ideas and happenings. This is not a bad thing. As I then realized once again she had drawn me into this world and characters so deeply I couldn't put the book down and I didn't even know it until I couldn't stop. Those first 150 pages are the basis setup for the 300 pages coming afterward, that don't stop surprising and pleasing the reader.

As I got more information, but not really the answers. The characters are all growing in their personalities and becoming a close net group to me. I learned more of the different dark races and their abilities start to come to more into light in this book. I also started to learn some history of the Shadowhunters. As I enjoyed all this information I left this book with even more questions. This need to know drove me to run out and buy the third book of the trilogy. I am very addicted and HAVE TO KNOW.