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Shady Lady  - Ann Aguirre **I'm trying to keep this short and sweet to not ruin the mystery of the book here.**

Corine is back home in Mexico with Shannon and things seem to be going well until she receives a salt and pepper shaker set. Just as Corine goes to pick up one of the set a tall mysterious man walks into her shop, one that Corine quickly recognizes ~ Kel Ferguson. Kel has been assigned as Corine's guardian as she will be important in the future and is in deadly danger now, and the salt and pepper shaker set is part of her starting troubles. Corine and Kel are on their way to learn about the magic cast on the shaker set and learn of the man who's after Corine, Montoya. Corine pairs up with Kel and an unlikely ally to try and save her life. What will it cast Corine and her friends in the end?

Ann is quick to bring us right back into Corines life at the beginning of this book. We get a taste of Corine's "touch" gift at the very beginning to bring us right back to her abilities strengths. And there is more she can now do, but not sure who to trust the new abilities with. As the book goes we see some new developments in Corine's powers and abilities. I love how she slowly starts to grow in her strength and as a character.

The action! Wow. Ann is amazing at keeping the story on fast forward. Just when I think it's starting to calm down and Corine might be able to get a nights sleep, all heck breaks loss once again. I enjoy this constant movement in a book. It's one to make me wonder what will happen to the characters and where will we go.

Corine even makes a few choices in this book. She picks a man. She learns more about herself. And about others as well... Yes, we learn more about another character ~ Kel. I have to say for a character I liked where Ann took Kel as being a mysterious bad guy (with potential as maybe being a good guy for who he worked for) to being a character I loved. This was a great manifestation here!

I'm looking forward to see how strong Corine grows with her powers and to what extent she will be able to use them. Along with a few other questions... the men! And her future!?! I can't wait for more of Corine Solomon!