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Happy Hour of the Damned - Mark Henry Amanda's had a rough life, and it's not held her back one bit. She's serious about life and a successful partner in an Advertising firm and is serious about life. Until she smells the stinky breathe of that man in the elevator and has a clumsy accident afterward. All to find out... she is now a zombie. So what is a beautiful, successful woman to do now that she is one of the undead? Why, enjoy life to the fullest! But first, to find make-up to take care of the pasty pale skin. But when a friend goes missing will Amanda go in search or try to save her drying skin? Amanda ends up on a mystery case looking into the incidents of what happened to her friends, just to stumble upon a bigger mystery with the pesky mistake zombies showing up in herds at Starbucks.

Amanda is a character I enjoyed. She is hard, bitchy, and self-centered. Amanda makes flying leaps at growth in her character in this book. She makes friends with others similar to her in her manor of thinking. We learn how Amanda meets each of these characters through their fun incidents in the first section of the book. Then after we get to know them we find somewhere along the way Amanda has started to worry about them. And starts to enjoy life. Amanda and her friends make comments and jokes of things that many might find mean, but it is said in fun with these characters. I had to chuckle many times with the jokes made and the priorities of the characters. Oh, and who would want to break into a funeral home? I loved that scene.

I enjoy the writing style in this book. Mark Henry uses a unique writing style as we are getting the story from Amanda's view. There are footnotes sporadically through the book in which Amanda makes comments to add her inner thoughts at the moment. For me this was fun and a humorous way to get to know Amanda's character a little better.

I will definitely be picking up the second book, Road Trip of the Living Dead.