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Thief - Sarah-Jane Lehoux Sevy is a young girl and thief living in a city abandoned by most of the high class and nobility with nothing much left, as the factories have stopped too. Sevy tries to take care of her one friend, Trena, just to find she has turned to prostitution as her handler promises her all the things she wants. But, Sevy has her limits and wont join, not with this disgusting man. Sevy has crossed paths a few times with the gorgeous oceanic blue-eyed man Jarro and Jarro ends up helping Sevy in a most dire way. Sevy is looking for a friend and attaches herself with Jarro's unique group. Yet there is one here who doesn't like having Sevy around, out of jealousy maybe, who is Irea. She attempts to get to Sevy...one way or another... And what happens when the group dissolves for matters greater than just going separate ways?

This is a fantasy read with thieves close and front. With that comes the battles they fight with others in a desolate city to survive, so there are fighting scenes and action. We also have different creatures present too; dwarfs, elves, mysterious dark elves, pixies, and more. The book doesn't waste time with unnecessary complete depictions of all the different creatures, but the creatures are present and you know of them. We do learn of the stories of the Dark Elves through the book as Sevy's one closest friend is one. But are the stories really true?

I thought this book was set up in an interesting way to get more story and view of time. We have three sections which are different times of Sevy's life. First how Sevy meets Jarro and becomes part of the group. Second eight years later starting with Jarro's view, and leads into learning about Sevy's talents as a thief and the job they do together. In which you learn more of the love here as well. Then the third section, starting from a best friends view ~ Revik ~ and gets to the dangerous magic at hand. I really liked this aspect as I got to see and feel the characters grow through out the book with out any loss in the connections with them.

I didn't realize I was so attached with Sevy and her love until the end. I have to say I shed a few tears for them, and I don't do that. I'm not one to cry when reading a book. But this author did what I wanted her to do, yet desperately didn't want to see at the same time. I loved it! This is a way to take the chance with your characters and pushing them to be better along with making the readers love and feel for them.

Oh, I soooo enjoyed this read. I even already ordered up the second book for me, Shades of War. I'm really looking forward to getting more of this broken girl Sevy.