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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare Six weeks after the big battle in the home land of the Shadowhunters at the City of Glass, everyone is back at home with big events underway. Clary is happy with her mother's marriage on the horizon and she's with her love, Jace. Simon has two strong and beautiful girlfriends, neither knowing of the other. Everything seems to be good for everyone, or is it? Clary notices a distancing between her and Jace starting and not knowing why, and everyone's starting to see Jace isn't looking to good resulting from lack of sleep. Simon has the most powerful vampire in New York City wanting him on her side, and people are trying to kill him. Who could want Simon dead so badly to try going against the Mark of Cain present on him? There are Shadowhunters being murdered. Clary finds herself on her own mission when she finds out about a dead infant. All starts to get twisted together in this book.

We have view points from Clary like in the first three books, but more view points from Simon this time around. And it's neat to see things through Simons eyes and the life he is now leading as a marked vampire. This is the book where Simon's life starts to see the consequences of his new life style along with the mark he bares. Simon has lots to learn about being a vampire. And with issues coming up we learn a good deal more of the Vampire side in this world and specifics in this kind of life We do get a few views of Jace and his feelings for Clary from earlier in the series. Which is a nice little touch to see what he felt when they weren't to be together. Jace is still having troubles in trying to believe and convince himself he's not like Valentine. And now he's experiencing horrible dreams.

We even get to see new characters this time around. And characters are mentioned from Cassandra's other Shadowhunter series, Infernal Devices. This world just keeps growing and growing. But I enjoyed the new characters and the spins they added to the story line. I'm hoping to see at least one of them again, and the other... well, not so much. ;)

This book had a slower start for me. It seems this book is centered around the relationship drama of all the characters. It's to catch us up on where they are in their lives, and most of the characters being young adults are learning about their feelings and why they feel the way they do for each other. The book took me about one hundred and ten pages to start picking up the pacing of the plot for me, and at times slowed up to get back to the characters emotions. But a little over half way, the book picked up with the action with the short segments that went from one character to the next as they were all in different places at one time. This helped keep the pages turning quickly to see where they all were and what was going to happen.