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Wanderlust - Ann Aguirre With Farwan's fall the Conglomerate is scurrying to keep control over things. Siratha has been summoned to the conference room for the umpteenth time expecting to be put through another round of questions. She's surprised when she walks in to see March and the others, whom she's been separated from since the day of upheaval. The Conglomerate wants to make Jax an Ambassador and help them with a mission to Tarn with the bounty hunter Velith as the liaison to help. Then Jax's mother shows up... As Jax goes on her journey she heads back to Lachion to see Doc as something is slowly happening to her. Now things are starting to get even more dangerous in space with Farwan gone. Will it be better or not with out Farwan's control? Will Jax be able to succeed her mission as Ambassador or will she be sidetracked and trouble find her?

I have to say I am liking the new characters in this book. And to meet Ramona Jax, Siratha's mother. Nice. She shares some big pieces of information about Jax and the story here. And we bring together a few new people into the crew, and I'm hooked on them. I do hope they stick around a while longer. And the old characters, well, we keep them around and learn soooo much more about them... good and bad. I like how these characters are taken to a brink and grow from there. Some grow to be leaders and others start to break apart. But this is where we leave off and leave us wanting more.

Here the world opens up and becomes more dangerous to Jax and everyone in it. The fall of a powerful controlling unit has left the outskirts of space, and even closer areas to the Central system of the Conglomerate open to raids and damage by dangerous human eating creatures and pirates looking to turn a profit.

Jax being in her new position doesn't realize she can attract attention and trouble quicker than normal now. When she appears at places there are thoughts of armies coming with her, or even assassination attempts on her. Her newly acquired position could end up being the death of her faster than the jumping was. And if not death, at least the destruction on the universe.

Another good read of Siratha Jax. This book seems to be the one leading you into Doubleblind. So have Doubleblind ready for you when you read this one, as you'll want to keep going with Jax on her missions. I will definitely be continuing with the series as I'm hooked.