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The Last Four Things - Paul  Hoffman Cale is with Redeemer Bosco again at the Sanctuary, the place he escaped from not even a year ago. Bosco acts different with Cale now, as Bosco believes Cale to be the flesh of Gods anger with humanity. Bosco has much planned for Cale and Cale is working with him as he doesn't seem to have any other choice.

After reading The Left Hand of God I wanted to read this book. There was great setup and creation in the first book with the Redeemers and Thomas Cale and his friends. There is an audience for this book, but I'm sorry to say I don't think I'm in that group. I struggled with this book. I felt as the first 100 pages where very confusing, well, not confusing as much as straying. We are on the main path of the story then off the story went with the side characters telling us about them and their history. I wanted to stay on track with Cale and the main story line. In this writing style I found myself forgetting what was happening. When Bosco talked with Cale I was lost. They seemed to talk in circles around each other, which is what I expect them to do knowing their history. The lines fell flat for me, which again the characters are raised this way so it is true to character. But for me I struggled with it.

I worked my way to a little over half way and still felt I wasn't getting much from the story. I don't like to not finish books, but this one I stopped. I may someday come back to try and finish, but felt best to let go now.

I found myself falling asleep while trying to read it, like I do with historical reads. So maybe if you are a fantasy fan who enjoy historical reads, you might enjoy this trilogy as well.

I hate giving bad reviews, and I do hope others enjoy this series. If you have tried it and enjoyed it I would love to hear from you.