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The Seven - P.C. Haring Eliza and Wellington look into another case in South America...

Here we have Agent Brandon Hill who was sent several months ago by Director Mr. Sound on a lead on El Dorado, the city of gold. Hill has found no leads, but he has been enjoying the fun side of life with visits to the brothels and one in particular woman he visits. On his latest trip he sees she has a new vase in her room. This vase has a story of it's own, relating to El Dorado. Then things become deadly...

There is a touch of steampunk and machinery as Hill walks through the tinker part of town, but my favorite it the knife system Hill has. This is very neat and appears toward the end of the story. It is a nice six blade holder on his arm that rotates and releases. Hill regards himself later as a Monkey Knife Fighter. As you can guess there is fighting and action present in this short podcast.

I enjoyed this story as it has brought touches of the book Phoenix Rising into here with these vases. No need to read the book, but it just touches on items present in the book to relate the characters, book, and podcasts together. But in doing this has started my wheels turning and thinking, things that may never come to light but you never know as a reader with a creative wondering mind. And I like when I start to wonder about books.