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The Evil that Befell Sampson - Philippa Ballantine Eliza is summoned to visit with Mrs. Kate Shepard, her ideal and hopefully to be her mother-in-law, who has need of Eliza's expertise with questionable happenings; women of the suffrage changing their minds and sides. A Mr. Fish seems to be visiting these women as Eliza finds, with a persuasive bracelet ~ the Circlet of Dalila, and item from the Archives gone missing while on loan. Kate and her suffrage's petition to Parliament could be in danger...

When the story started we got to hear both Agent Books and Agent Braun in the Archives going through the cases. I loved the sound here as it was like we were really in the echo-y large basement. The characters had the sounds I had thought they would, along with the feel behind their chatter in which they carry on when talking or tormenting each other.

The podcast was extremely easy to understand as the speakers spoke clear and precise to understand each word clearly. The speed of reading was perfectly paced with the climax of the story along with the way different characters would have sounded in what they where saying. The feelings came through wonderfully in the tone and insinuations.

I like the steampunk items used. The descriptions given are detailed so you can easily visualize them, yet quickly described.

The story is quick. You get the details and right to the action, as I'm starting to expect when Eliza is around. In the height of action in the short story the music along with tone and speed of Philippa's voice had my heart picking up pace with the characters and wanting to speed up the story to hear what was happening, wanting to get through the scene quickly so I could know.

This story gives us a little more view into Agent Eliza Braun. We meet the love of Eliza's life, Douglas Shepard. And learn a little of Eliza and her ideas of what she wants to see herself as. This podcast answered one of my curiosities I had on Eliza after reading A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Phoenix Rising.