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Night's Plutonian Shore - Jack Mangan, Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris This story starts in 1849 with the mysterious death of a brilliant poet by a one eyed man with a thing in his right eye socket under his patch. As this is an unsolved case the agents Campbell and Hill are working on. The murder has eluded the Ministry for years and the Agents have a lead on the man with code name "The Gold Bug." The agents track Mikael down to find themselves paralyzed so Mikael can do as he plans... bring down the House of Usher. The Agents are separated. Finally getting free with the help of Zachary Amboy, a Yankee OSM ~ a new branch from US Marshells - Office of Supernatural & Metaphysical. And they find them selves over seas in the Ol' USA.

This is author Jack Mangan's first steampunk work. And from what I see, he has a knack and should explore it more. The carriage of Zachary's is amazing! The tubes and wires we see make us curious, but then when you see what this 'simple' (ha!) horse drawn carriage can do, well you'll be surprised. These Yankee wild west boys can steam it up wonderfully. Not only the carriage, but when the weapons present too. Oh, and we get a locomotive scene! Yes! Trains!

The neat connection here to the book of Phoenix Rising is the mention of The Usher House. Now, that caught my attention. I always want more of them, well from my curiosity point to learn more of them. We don't get much in the way of details of them as the case is focused on "The Gold Bug" but we do get to chase them a little. :)

This podcast is two parts. And I really enjoy the way Eliza and Wellington quickly refresh us with brief details before the second half and that last paragraph is repeated from the narrator to bring the mood right back to us listeners.

This was an enjoyable quick listen for fun. Hope you give these podcasts a go for quick steampunk fixes with mysterious artifacts. And there are always teeny tiny doors left open to revisit these places again. Which I hope some day we do.