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Darkest before the Darkwater - Tee Morris,  Philippa Ballantine It's the summer of 1894. We start in an airship where things are off and have to evacuate. There is an island there, that is NOT suppose to be based on charts. Six crew members are now shipwrecked on this mysterious island and not seeing eye to eye on order of command. In searching the island there are many strange things found. And the crew wonders of the purpose of this hidden port.

Tee mixes so much into this short podcast. Okay, so the podcast it 43 minutes, but it feels nothing like 43 minutes long. There is much to learn here on this mysterious hidden island and it's purpose. When you listen you will understand.

Of the mix, we quickly meet all the crew members and start to see a few...strong... personalities between them. We get a feel for the steam machinery in the vessels this crew uses. And even for items in this stowed away port. Which makes me very curious about this place.

I love the sound effects!! Amazing. I felt like I was IN THE SHIP. I have to say this story is a wonderful reason to listen to these podcasts. Yes, you can start purchasing them on Kindle for 99cents but you will miss all the sound effects.

Wonderful story Tee! Now, can we get more please?