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Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa Puck has tagged along, un-invited, with Ash to find Grimalkin. Ash had made a bargain, a rather large one, for his love and now the holder has come calling on it. So frazzled Ash goes out of character and against what he knows and lives in the fey world, and asks if the favor can wait, which he would never have tried to hold out on a favor before. But knowing Ash plans a search that could take a long time the holder calls the favor in now, and might be able to help him in the end.

We get to see some of our fun characters again; Puck, Ash, Leanansidhe, and some not so nice but in a fun way...Queen Titania. I did enjoy the side we got to see of the Summer Queen here. We see Ash through his old friends, and rival, eyes ~ Puck. This way we see how lost and frustrated Ash is since the end of Iron Queen.

We learn little pieces of things and ways of the fey through this short story. Like names. And another part of the Wyldwood that is a dangerous path full of Hedgewolves. The boys are in trouble here! And a little secret about Queen Titania.

The friendship/enemy line really gets drawn here between Puck and Ash. They were once friends, then enemies after the first girl. Now with the second girl, Meghan, what will they be? Puck choose to go with Ash, but Ash needs Puck's help in this story. But Puck could turn on Ash and maybe end up with the girl he too loves. We do get to see the banter and fun between the two characters again. They do make a good team.

We get Pucks' view of his kiss with Meghan and more of his feelings towards her and Ash. Puck is struggling with his feelings. Ooo, oh. King Oberon shows up and of all people to suggest what to Puck what he does! Astounding! Puck does always have jest in what he does. There is always a joke there to make you smile or chuckle, even when he and Ash have to go in disguise. I enjoyed that.

But as always... things in the fey world are NOT always as they seem.