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Armageddon Bound: Demon Squad (Volume 1) - Tim Marquitz 3.5 rating
There are rumors there is another demon planning to rise to be the next Lucifer and to bring about Armageddon. Baalth is the demon this new power needs to overcome first and Frank, the DRAC, and Frank's Angel cousin Scarlett need to protect Baalth and stop this new threat to the world. The catch, Scarlett has been after Baalth for some time to stop his bad doings. Baalth isn't cooperating as willingly with Frank, without some deals. Oh, and Franks succubus ex-wife has returned to town sending assassins after him.

Frank Triggaltheron, or Trigg, starts the story on his kester bleeding, and visits this position often through out the book. But he keeps fighting. Trigg is a man of all men. And a pig from time to time as well. But that is what makes this character memorable. I don't mind the thoughts he has about women, or even the smart remarks to the one delivering the punches (actually many of the quick remarks are funny). But some people might. I do have to mention the only thing about Trigg that gave me the willies were his thoughts about his voluptuous cousin. They just weren't right, but Trigg is the person he is... and I don't think he was made to be loved so dearly. I think this book is what many male readers would enjoy. It's fast moving and full of action and fights. There are loads of blows exchanged and a story that works wonderfully with it.

I liked the story telling style. This book is told by Frank. We get the story as it's happening, then there are interjections by Trigg of his inner opinions and thoughts, the ones he keeps to himself although just as smart as the ones he says. This technique of inner thoughts gives me the feel of the old style mystery gumshoe movies where the detective gives an inner thought or meaning to things as the story goes. I really liked that feel. It seemed to me the book is very story driven, and we get a very good story here.

The characters. Goodness! There is a large cast of characters. Well, maybe not that big. But it felt like many when I was reading the book. They are not hard to keep straight, which is the surprise to me with as many there are.

The world is our world with a few extras which people don't really know about. But the difference here is God and Lucifer have come to a truce and left, letting humanity play out as they are and grown to do. I like this twist a lot. I like how there are two views to this through out the book. That God didn't want Armageddon or he would have exterminated the race and started over. OR. That Armageddon needs to come about to bring God and Lucifer back. This seems to be the arguing views in a nut shell. People don't know their gods are no longer around, only the Angels and Demons are aware, and seem slightly lost with their leaders gone. Neat take here.

I went into the book aware there where some editing errors, which there are. But knowing that I was prepared for them. But I do want to let you know this to as well, in case you go purchase the book, they are there. I hate to see editing slow down a good book.

I think more men might enjoy this book than women, but I'm not saying don't read it if it sounds like something you might enjoy. Please go at it.