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Fate of the Fallen - Sharron Riddle Eva returns to her office at The Demon Management Agency ~ a government agency who pays to keep the demon's quite ~ after a rough case. In going through the new cases on her desk, separating them to human or immortal to deal with each case based on if a hoax or real, she comes across one where a full demon is killing young half-Nephilim children looking for "the Key." Knowing this could trigger an ugly war between Demons and Fallen Angels (who have been waiting for a reason to attack Demons) on Earth resulting in an unbelievable amount of human deaths Eva calls a meeting with her Immortal brothers, sisters, and father. Eva's father sends her, the most skilled in demon hunting along with special abilities thanks to her mother, with her eldest brother, whom blames her for their mothers death, to team up with a vampire to hunt down the person or demon and stop what they are trying to do. All bringing Eva to a missing young girl who is thought to be an important piece of the puzzle.

This is one of those reviews I'm struggling with. I loved this book. I don't want to give anything away, yet I want to tell you everything. And there is soooo much to tell! I love the story weaving along with the history building and the story! Oh my!

We start off quick with snark and action. One thing I love. We meet Eva with her sister and brother on the job. I could tell in the first 3 pages I would love this book. Loved the humor in the characters. The characters! We have Eva. She is our main character and she loves her shopping and expensive clothes and shoes. And her men. She loves human men, which her family doesn't love. But that all comes out in the wash too. She is smart and snarky. And a take charge kinda gal. She has a great friend that she is now feeling electrical sparks when they touch, Adam. We meet Adam in the beginning then through out the book I held my breath hoping to see him again, which we did. Oh my did we, toward the end. Adam was a mystery with secrets of his own and I loved what I learned. We have Rahab, oooo, and Purah, and oh there are others too!

We get two views in this book, one from Eva the second from the kidnapped little girl Jillie. The view written of Jillie is wonderful of a bright young little girl. I really felt the thoughts are of a little girl that is a big sister. Really well done! And the things we learn of Jillie as the story goes.... Oh, such a special little girl.

Okay. So I want to get into the different species we have here and a little history. We have Fallen Angels, Demons, Vampires, then there is a touch of Gods and Goddesses added in too, oh there is another too but I'm not mentioning it just yet. Eva's parents...her father is a Fallen Angel or an immortal, her mother was a Goddess. The story of how vampires come about is told here, with the thanks of a Fallen Angel. That's a story we learn about too. Then we have the Demons of Hell. See, I want to mention all of this as it is all important and intertwined with the story, yet I don't want to give anything away. It's worth reading!

So now you probably think this book has a lot of religious references or such in it. I have to tell you no, it's not. I'm not one for big religious references. And this book has basis for the Fallen Angels but religion is not focus of the story and book. I loved the way these creatures are all weaved together through the story.

We have a mystery to solve. The reason these young half-Nephilim children are being killed. Then we come into the one child that is human that is kidnapped. But it all circles around and comes together in the end.

See this story is layer upon layer of story, mystery, and want. You want everything from the characters and knowing about them, to family issues in Eva's family, to love, to mystery, to fighting, to suspense.... It's all here in this short read.

In the end I realized there were so many little plots going, and all tied together. Like a string of firecrackers going off all is answered in the end. Every time I thought we where done, another cracker blew speeding up my heart with all the excitement that quickly exploded to life again.

I really enjoyed this read. A blend of immortality; Fallen Angels, Vampires, and touch of Goddesses too. All with a mystery case to follow and so many other elements with it. All blended together in a wonderful read.