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The Necromancer's Apprentice - R.M. Prioleau The Blood Moon has appeared this year and many believe the Blood Moon is to fault for drought, loss of crops, and several deaths. Later, Jasmine hears people think theirs a dragon who has brought the Blood Moon and death to the land. Jasmine's mother fell deathly sick since swiftly after the appearance of the first Blood Moon. Jasmine's father has become more superstitious with the use of pendants and holy symbols around the house since his wife has fallen so ill. Jasmine does not believe in the superstitions of the Blood Moon like her family, yet she is curious about death and not scared by it. Jasmine's father decides the family needs to leave to head to a village a few days travel to find a healer for her mother. Jasmine doesn't feel comfortable with the trip, but the family goes. The trip will bring more death to her, but yet an unexpected friend in the end. This is where Jasmine realizes her true talents.

This novella was a quick read, at only 113 pages. But one to venture into a world in a dark time, and young girl caught up in it. Death is all around and Jasmine is one who isn't taken in by it's fear. She is curious about it and understands it's a part of life. But Jasmine becomes more curious by the end and losses someone who becomes very close to her as the story goes.

Jasmine was an interesting character, but my favorite was Master Dagg. You can tell when you meet him and read of his actions he isn't completely human. In the end, I loved what I found out about him. He is strange, and dark. One obsessed with death and returning from death, or avoiding it all together. He is a scientist of a sort with the experiments he does in his lab.

The book was a quick read, but had a few small memorable moments for me. One was the creatures that attacked Jasmine and her family on their first night out. Nasty, evil things. Then in the end where we get the whole story on Master Dagg. But other than that it was a quick easy read. This could be a quick hour read for many needing a fantasy fix.