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Devil's Business - Caitlin Kittredge After releasing an old dangerous god, even though he captured him again, people have not been asking for Jack to work any cases or even want him around period. None of the magically inclined will forgive Jack and are hunting him. Jack's wondering where Morrigan, the maiden of death who marked him young, is at as he disobeyed her. Pete is a few months pregnant and now completely silent towards Jack. He figures she is shutting down with him slowly and will leave him soon to raise the kid away from this life style. But Jack is determined to protect Pete and the baby as long as she is around. So with all the threats in London Jack needs to take Pete and leave. Pete decides she is taking a case in Los Angeles, America. And Jack can't let her go alone, even though he doesn't like the sounds of it.

Jack seems to be different in this book ever so slightly. Even though his life style is not one for raising a child in and the dangerous magic all around him is deadly to a baby, he sounds as he wants the baby. I liked this growth in Jack. He's becoming a bigger person, and even though he thinks himself a dead-beat dad he wants to be more. Jack even makes a HUGE change in the end of the book. ;) Thanks to something...special... to him after Bone Gods. I really liked this.

I did feel like I missed a story here somewhere when it came to Pete. I couldn't really place her feelings. I know she's pregnant and that should explain a lot, but well... for me I felt she was more disconnected here and not as much in the story as Jack, our leading man. But the baby is a HUGE focus for both Pete and Jack, and they each want the baby to be safe and raised properly, which is another reason for her distancing.

We get to see Jack, and Pete, outside of their usually comfort zone of London. They are now in America for this story. Los Angeles of all places. Los Angeles has a special feel to it as well, which is an attraction for the magical type, the Black, and demons. I have to say we do make a trip to Hell with Jack as well. I enjoyed this different view this time around.

Oh the demons... Jack finds an alley in someone he never thought he would. And makes a few new enemies. Jack, of course, is not the most likable person, but seems to find trouble no matter where he is. Being the Crow-mage seems to attract them all like a beacon in the night.

Again such a dark urban fantasy read. This book is not full of rainbows, but more of hell and fighting. I feel as this book is taking us through a transition period, with Jack and even the new baby to be. There is more to come and that baby is going to have some serious issues, good and bad. I'm looking forward to seeing what is to come here.