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In the Forests of the Night - Kersten Hamilton more of 3.5 stars

Teagan is upset with what she learned of her mothers family (in Tyger Tyger) and what it might mean to her and Finn. When Finn comes to talk to her and reassure her things get crazy quickly in the full house of the Wylltsons'. Thomas starts sprouting feathers and cat-sidhe appear. The cat-sidhe want Aiden. As Fear Doirich wants Aiden. Mamieo doesn't like Thomas because he's a highborn, Roisin (Teagan's Aunt) is mad at her love, her father is still trying to get his memories back and straight. Oh and the social worker is coming around too. All craziness and then the goblins come back into their lives with threats to Teagan and she starts to change after a lick from Kyle. A war is on it's way...

We start exactly where Tyger Tyger left off, Teagan's crying on the roof and Finn climbing the drain pipe to talk to her. Finn captures my heart once again at the get go here. Finn has turned Teagan's plans around, though she still wants to follow them, they now have a boyfriend attached somewhere in there.

We see all the same characters again in this book. I do like the extra background Thomas, the shape-shifter, brings to the family of the goblin world Mag Mell. It was his home and he is a highborn so he knows a great deal. We can't forget about Lucy the spirit living in Aidens' hair. Aiden gets to try a few new things with his special gift of song as well. Nice to see, and I hope to see more of him in the future. So many different characters and personalities in one house, it's funny from time to time.

Another wonderful YA book that I would hand over not needing the adults to read first. But I would say do read it for the fun and wonderful writing it is. This book went quickly for me as well. I love the Celtic lore tangled into the story and I get a little feel of a fairy land as well. That is one of the things that drew me into the first story as well. I really enjoy this mix. This book seems a little slower at first, but we need to get the setting set and the characters defined as everyone is growing and changing, which is wonderfully done with keeping us attracted to the book. Then the action picks up and leaves you desiring the third book of the trilogy.

I strongly suggest giving the Goblin Wars Trilogy a try. It's a wonderful read and you wont be disappointed. If you enjoy fairy type books, this goblin based trilogy could very much be for you.