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The Hour of Dust and Ashes - Kelly Gay One week after the huge battle on the roof top in The Darkest Edge of Dawn we pick up with Charlie trying to find out if her sister is possessed with the let down that all the exorcists have suddenly vanished from the city. The breakdown of self-will that ash has done to it's victims makes it possible for the Sons of Dawn cult to suppress human will and place spirits of their dead jinn priests in their bodies to do their bidding. Who Charlie is and what she does makes Bryn, Charlies sister, the one person who could help the cult recover, if she is possessed...which Charlie has no proof of. Compounding the want is now fear as the ash victims are committing suicide. Charlie finds there is one way to find out, but it is a dangerous journey for her to undertake and if not completed by all four visitors with in a time block, she will die. While Charlie is meeting these visitors she finds herself taken to the hellish world of Charbydon which could mean death if she doesn't get back home. And the reason for going to Charbydon could be huge trouble for her and her family as well. Then there are jinn and others after Charlie for her knowledge of the First One.

Fast start, right back into Charlie's world where she is always being chased by someone and knocked around. She is a fighter! By now you know whats happened so we pick up a week later. You don't need the rehashing, you want to get to the action which Charlie is known for finding, or finding her. Along with the thickening plot with ash, Bryn, Hank, and all others.

I was worried we wouldn't get much of Hank in this book. He was nearly comatose since his "singing" or use of his siren powers to help with the war at the end of book two. But we do get more Hank, lots more. And now, I can't wait for the next book! Charlie learns more of the tattoo her and Hank share and the warmth that comes with it.

We get more Rex! Lots more Rex. It is really neat to see this man in action. He is a kick arse fighter of old jinn. But he has a softness that has come from the years of living with humans. He is a wonderful addition to the series, and really makes the choice of Will or Rex even harder.

Charlie has to face some difficult decisions with her loved ones. Ones that are very difficult, but needed to be made in the moment. This is the area Charlie doesn't want to have to make chooses. She is a family geared person, and one that wants to defend them all.

Not only is Charlie trying to save her sister, she has many mages after her from Tennin not believing the sarcophagus of the First One is gone. Then we have a new dark presence that has us curious about it and wanting to know more. And they keep falling down the dark hole of troubles, which keeps the action full.

I think this book became my favorite of the three thus far. Each book has gotten better for me but this one digs deeper into the worlds of the off-worlders. And I like learning more there. And seeing Charlie fight her way out of everything and the wake of destruction she leaves behind. Yet the sensitive side of Charlie for her family.