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Champion of the Fey (Champion of the Sidhe, #2) - S.A. Archer,  S. Ravynheart Lugh has learned of where one of the artifacts he needs to try and create another fey realm is at, but getting to it could be tricky and dangerous for him. Going to get the artifact Lugh comes across a beautiful young woman who can see through his glamour, but could possibly get him close to the artifact.

This is where we really start to see Lugh in full action; sidhe sexy and fighting wise. Lugh feels like the "golden child" to me, which he is also named as for his magic with the sun. He is the good boy always trying to do what he feels is the "good" and "right" thing to do. Not that his heart is not in the right place, because it is but he has the "champion" mentality and hero complex.

It's a nice read in a fey view while in the human world. This is a few chapters in addition to the first story, End of the World, which is on one artifact. Lugh has a few more finds to go through.