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Percepliquis - Michael J. Sullivan Fire and deaths. Women and children are on the run. Men are fighting for their kingdom and homes against attackers we have feared would come. (if you've read the series you have an idea who the attackers are.) Arista's having horrible nightmares, Royce is depressed after the ending in Wintertide, and Hadrian feels guilt. The kingdoms are coming together under the ruling heir, Modina, as predicted, but without the horn it might all be destroyed. The Elves are retaking their lands to the way it was before humans existed. Our friends through the series have one last quest, that could be the death of them but with out it they will die anyway, they all want or need to go on, for different reasons but for the same result, to save man kind.

Screaming from the rooftops, MASTERFUL! This is THE way to end a magnificent fantasy series.

Michael weaves all the books together into this one, pulling pieces together and setting the world; past, present and future, in clear view for us. Some pieces he pulls is: the place on the cover of Nyphron Rising (one of my favorite scenes for a character that comes into her own here) is brought into an all new light. The Gilarabrywn, or dragon type creature, and the Elves which we may have had lots of questions on from the Avempartha. The sailing of the seas from The Emerald Storm is revisited, in a new place. Mentions of the starts of this all and who was pulling the strings, back to The Crown Conspiracy. Just amazing the way Michael took two plain and simple thieves, to create an outstanding series and amazing ending.

This one book holds all the missing pieces we didn't realize we were missing, yet piecing all the secreted comments throughout the series together to complete everything. Five hundred and fifty pages of complete necessity to put the finishing touches on creating the world, the history, the characters. Still surprising me and making me love the characters all over again. Michael has taken a series to all different levels through out this series, and this book is a fabulous ending to it all!

I laughed and cried and worried. Both for happiness and sadness, of many reasons -- the characters and their hardships and humor. Then there is the series completion. I loved every minute of reading this one, and all the books. I will admit, I was a little hesitant at starting this one -- I didn't want the series to end as I loved it so much. But I have to say I LOVED this book, such a perfect ending. I can't describe how well the ending fit for me, all the way to the last sentence. I don't think I can write a review that will give this book it's well deserved justice, or even the series itself. I am just floored with it all; the story, the characters, the depth of the world completed. All of it completed. And an action packed finale.

Royce has earned his right to be in a bad place (mentally mostly) after the ending of Wintertide, which I was a little nervous about. I was just afraid the team wouldn't have their spark, but they had it. Oh they had it. Seeing the characters grow and live through emotions is what makes the book the best, digging deep in us to care. I have always loved the kind heart in Hadrian, but this book...well he has stolen my heart, warming it through and through. We learn of some history with Hadrian and Royce, their first job together, and of their thoughts of each other then. All the characters have their numerous shining moments in this book; Royce, Hadrian, Arista, Modina, Mauvin, Alric, Myron! and so many more!

Outstanding journey, that left me in amazement. Wow. Just plain wow.

This series is top shelf keeper, re-reader for me. I will always ALWAYS go back to my adventures with Royce and Hadrian, and the others.