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Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelations) - Michael J. Sullivan Mystery, Adventure, and Epic. If you like these three things in a book, this is the read for you. There are Kings, thieves, wizards, monks dwarves, and elves…Then you have Murder, lost magic, history, religion, politics, and rivalry.

Many times the starts of a new book and world have me slightly lost until I figure out the pieces, Michael Sullivan has made the beginning easier on me and I LOVE it. The book starts right out with the deception and conniving of the Noble world that introduces you to the characters and their wit along with a new world gently, yet pecks your interest through action. Most of the Noble world looks to help themselves to better holdings; this leaves a job opening for Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater to do what they do best… steal.

By 55 pages the main characters have fallen into the course of hot water. By 155 pages you have touched on the history and details, starting to see a bigger picture of the mystery along with much more details of the history and happenings of the world.

One rule Royce and Hadrian live by is to not take a last minute job, as the need to do their research. However, Hadrian whom has a big heart and seems to be pulled to do good deeds agrees to a last minute, simple job of removing a valued sword from an empty room. This job goes awry, when there is no sword and something else, or should I say someone else…

On their way to the gallows, as the prince believes they should be killed, the princess devises a plan. The story takes up with the men needing to escape taking and protect the young, new king.

Then we read Avempartha, the second half. I thought it was going one direction, but was very pleased with it went a different way. The beginning seemed a little slower, but realized in the end I was getting a lot of character details I needed to come to my speculations. These details help me in trying to figure out the bigger picture with the lingering thoughts I have. It is worth it. So after being framed for murder, what do you do? Go looking for the man who sent you in the first place.

I enjoyed this book very much! I love the humor in the book, the characters sarcasm and jokes.
We also learn more of the 2 main men in Avempartha. And a new mission that just might have a guiding hand behind it… I look forward to reading more of Royce, Hadrian, Esrahaddon (yes I have not mentioned this name till now.) and Myron.

After reading through the whole book I realized there is much more going on in the underlining of the book than I realized while reading. My mind just raveled at the many possibilities and questions. Wonderful fantasy read!