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Scars of Silver (Rise of the Unseelie, #2) - S.A. Archer,  S. Ravynheart Malcolm, a young homeless (runaway) fey, found the Fairy Circle shop by the strong fey smell. A fey hangout, maybe? Malcolm is looking to find out about fey, a book on his kind. As he scans the shelves at the shop he see they have one. The Shop owner, Flora, sees and approaches Malcolm, finds what he is looking for, and gives him directions to find Rand. Going in search of things Malcolm has never learned about may not end in the best of cercumstances for him... Donovan is still looking for the sidhe, and exiles that now could be in grave danger since the Mound fell.

I don't know what it is, but this one I think is my favorite thus far. Maybe it's the understood, thin connection to London's story in Addicted that helps that feeling. But I like Malcolm's story. Unfortunately for Malcolm, it's not the happiest of stories but I think that's why I like it. There is a dark side here.

Malcolm physically struggles, greatly, here. He is a nieve fey, not knowing what he is or his powers and he is forced to learn. I felt bad for Malcolm, but Malcolm is written as a strong minded character as well.

I do like the Unseelie story side, very much. And this one is my favorite yet. I look forward to more on this side of things. And I'm still curious about surviving with out the Mounds, and how the exiles have managed to do so for so long.