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The Fly in Paradise (The Changeling Race, #2) - Frances Pauli Oh dang! I WANT The third book now!! Wonderful story, and one heck of a way to turn the world upside down and inside out.

Everyone is at a loss as to how Brendan got out without anyone knowing or seeing him, at end of A Moth in Darkness. In his investigation, Marcus, decides to go to a revel to relax, but they are different now, he learns just how different and maybe a lead. As suspected Brendan is back and up to no good. Marcus has been trailing Brendan with no luck to finding him. Liz and Lockland are both recovering; Liz resisting to dance with the fey and Lockland from his wounds. Bev is working on a case dealing with the fairy "drinks" from the revels, when she stumbles upon a crime scene. A murder, gruesome murder, with child size foot prints with claws walking away, not human at all. This synthesized fairy offering could be connected to brutal deaths of whole villages, and Liz and Lockland are back to work full swing. Nightmare creatures, things of human myth come to life in both fey and human worlds and all get worried about the gate between the two worlds ~ could they close them?

I'm struggling with what to share with you as I don't want to give anything away. This book is the book that changes the whole fey world from what was established in the first book. Gaa. Very good! Very well done! I will admit, I read the synopsis for the third (and final) book of the series. When I read it there was mention of Seelie court. I just thought, "Oh they are comparing to the 'Seelie' court idea." After reading the first book, I wasn't sure how the Seelie idea would play into this series. Well, Wow! Let me tell you, by the end of this book I knew EXACTLY how it played into the book, and series. I loved this twist to the Seelie idea, and the way we came to it. Wonderfully done.

We do get different views, separated so it isn't confusing for us. The views are from: Liz, Lockland, Marcus, Bev, Jess (one of Liz's close friends and one of three to open First Gate), then also a few views from the Sidhe. The Sidhe views are few, but really nice to read as it gives us more inner views that make us curious and flipping the pages. I really like how we get all pieces of the puzzle as each character is working on a different agenda, that all works back to the one thing we are all looking to get too.

I soooooo can't wait to get my hands on the third and final book of this trilogy, Spider's from Memory.