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Defender of Magic (Champion of the Sidhe, #3) - S.A. Archer,  S. Ravynheart We start with Lugh having very fond memories of one Sidhe he cared for; loved and loved him, Rhiannon. Lugh is yearning for the Touch of a fellow Sidhe, one of which like him, and he has not found another since the fall of the Mounds. Lugh is drawing weaker as every use of magic drains him more, bringing the Fade closer. As Lugh and Willem near to their temple of the All Mother, Lugh senses trouble. Changelings have found and attacked their safe haven for the artifacts. Lugh needs to take the body of Danu and artifacts to somewhere safe, but where would that be... Lugh has an idea and it involves a dragon.

We see Lugh weak here. We learn of his strong, long past and are able to realize just how weak he is without the mounds magic or even interaction with his own kind. Lugh is so weak, he gets trapped by the nasty little goblins.

We meet a new character here, Jonathan....a dragon-shifter! I like meeting this new man! He's got a little bit of a pest issue, with the next of goblins now scurrying through his territory. Oh, Jonathan's home...I love the picture drawn of Jonathan's home! Love the looks of this place, inside the cave. It's not what you think it would look like.

This world keeps growing with different creatures mentioned. There is mention of wolf-kin, or werewolves as they go by now, as well.. in this ever growing world. With the world growing in this series, it's also growing to the other two series affiliated with it. If you are reading all three series; Champion of the Sidhe (this one), The Rise of the Unseelie, and Touch, you will take note that the goblin nest that had fallen and now pestering Jonathan are the ones from the Touched series in which Donovan, from The Rise of the Unseelie, had also squeezed out of their home. It's really neat the way things cross this series. It's not confusing, just neat the way I'm reading and think, "Oh, that has to be so-so from Touch, and then touched in Rise of the Unseelie too. Just nice to connect the three series.

This series has action and fighting, but what this series holds my attention with more is the world building with the characters knowledge and history, and even what they are doing now.

It was the end that brought my attention to full focus. Their is suspense and hopes hinted at, that there are more Fey and Sidhe for Lugh to save, but not knowing where they are hidden is the secret...along with why.