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Broken (Chronicles of the Last Herald) - Emma St. John 3.5 starts and wonderful start to a new novella series!

'Zombie Meddigo' is what Jessie is called by some classmates now; ones who thought her popular last year, but now she's a loner after the accident. What they don't know is; she is the Herald, to help to prepare the people for the end of the world. Angels come asking her to help, as they now can't meddle in humans lives like they once did, and she tries to ignore them. This angel needs her help with a young boy, and according to the angels riddled talk this boy is leaning toward the darkness, needing pulled back to play out his part in the future. Jessie wonders how a broken girl like her can help anyone back from the darkness.

This was a quick novella. And an enjoyable read as well. We learn about Jessie Meddigo, what happened to her family, and her. I'm still curious about a few little tidbits, and hoping they come out in the future of the Chronicles to come. I want to know more about what happened to Jessie to become a Herald, and the angels too. There are mention of not blaming her mother, which makes me curious about who or what her mother was.

This novella starts us off. We are introduced to a strong girl, willing and able to be alone. She seems to be adjusting to the changes that happened to her rather well and has given up the popular things to be more who she is. And even though she doesn't want to do the 'Heralding thing' she is learning as she goes. I like how she mentions of speculation of a darkling trying to use her, pretending to be an angel. Then the angel tells his name to verify, it's subtle but I like the way she verifies.

Very very nice start to a YA novella series. I like the hints dropped to potentially expand on in the future. I do look forward to reading more of Jessie as she learns the ropes with being a Herald. There are more Chronicles of the Last Herald to come!