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Dead Drop: A Bonus Story - Jon F. Merz As a favor for an old pal, and his controller, Lawson takes the Dead Drop when the previous agent is stuck with personal events. Going to retrieve the information on the dead drop, Lawson remembers his first with his mentor, Zero. The Silent One teaches Lawson a life long lesson in that first dead drop that carries through his life. One lesson learned, dead drops are never as simple and easy as they should be. And another, is to always be on the look out.

I wanted to read this to get a taste for the author. I like the sounds of the novel, and when I saw this bonus story, well I had to get it. And the fact that it was free, my thoughts screamed perfect opportunity to sample. I liked what I saw here and I'm curious about the world even more.

Starting in, as I've not read the first novel, I was a little unsure about a few terms; dead drop and Fixers, and what Lawson was. But in a page, two tops, these were explained for me. This story was a mix of memory of the young inexperienced Lawson, with the strong experienced Lawson of his current day. There was mystery introduced, with quick action, and a touch of humor.

I liked this enough to now say I want to books! There was only a touch of all the elements I enjoy here, no time wasted in this novella. I'm curious to read more of the world Lawson lives in, and fights to keep secret.

This novella also has the first two chapters of the first novel as well.