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City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare The book synopsis pretty well covers a great description of the book. There is magic in the way of ruins and demons. We have a small run in with vampires and werewolves show up too. This book has a great combination of all the magical creatures and type. We have growing relationships and ones that we fight for. A book with a wonderful mixture of everything you could ask for.

I’m going to try something a little different with this review. I’m going to share my thoughts and feelings as I was reading.

When I started the book I kept reminding myself to not think of the hype I’ve heard of this book, how everyone thinks they are amazing. I asked myself why does everyone love this series so? As I was reading through the first section of 147 pages, I thought there isn’t anything that spectacular. Good characters, good reading, I’m enjoying this demon hunting idea. Then at the end of the first section I sat back with one word echoing in my mind, What? Yeah, I had a feeling that was coming but I enjoyed the way Cassandra played it out.

So I dive into the second section. This is where I start to realized I am enjoying the characters. They are well written and the adventure and action picks up. Oh, we have our demons, werewolves, and vampires; all part of the Downworlders. The story is more of saving friends and finding that shadowhunter cup. The creatures met on this story are ugly and great. In this section I’m reading and thinking on Jace. He’s an okay character. Then fifty pages later I realize I REALLY like his character. I think to myself, When did this happen? How did the author take me to this point with this character? He was okay before, but now he’s great! Hm. I’m starting to be impressed. Then the, oh no the werewolves goes to Oooohhhh, the werewolves… I loved this twist. The second section held several twists and turns for me, that I just were taken by.

Now, the third section. I must say I can’t stop reading the book at this point, but I have not realized it yet. Oh the action. The explaining! I’ve learned so much about the story and the characters. Then I flip the page and stop. I say, Wait! What! No. Nononono. My heart is pounding and it drops with the characters learning some information. I look at the clock on the wall and realize it’s midnight. I have forty some pages left to finish the book. I HAVE to keep reading. But to finish will take at least an hour and I have to get up early in the morning to go to work. Can I do it? Can I get through tomorrow short on sleep? Hold up. When did I get that invested in this book? When did it become unputdownable for me? I’m loving it!

I ended the book all twisted around, backwards, and upside down with the twists and turns the author throw at me. I found I loved the characters and enjoyed the paths the author took with the unexpected sharp turns she takes.

Really a wonderful read, and now I am WANTING the next book of the series!